How sports have strengthened my relationship with my brother

There are so many things I like about sports.

I like the competition. I like watching comebacks. I like watching the underdog take down the mighty favorite. I like watching the scared rookie grow into becoming the confident veteran. I like…

Mike Seavy made an indelible mark on my life.

For as long as I knew the guy, he always seemed to have a smile on his face. Always. …

Well… one of the reasons at least

Nothing can expose how tenuous my confidence is more than the game of golf.

One minute I am on top of the world, stringing together a run of two-to-three good holes and feeling like I have everything figured out. I have finally found…

Anyone else struggling with isolation during Covid?

“Yeah, this is my sanctuary right here. All this hatred and turmoil swirling around us, but this, this is always right. Struggle. Survival. Victory and defeat. It’s just a game Doc, but I love it.”

This is one of my favorite lines from…

Monday’s Western Conference Final was crazy. With 23 minutes remaining in the match and the Sounder down 2–0, I was lamenting my extended sports weekend as it appeared the UW and WSU football teams, Seahawks and Sounders would all be taking losses. …

Another year is coming to a close and with it comes the tradition of holiday parties (albeit virtually this year), reflections on the past year and the dreaded setting of New Year’s Resolutions.

However, many of us may not be dreading setting resolutions for 2021. We are ready to put…

A peak ahead at what could be for the Mariners

20 years. It has been 20 years since the Mariners last made the playoffs. That is good for the longest draught in American sports. The club tied a MLB record with 116 wins that season — and hasn’t sniffed the…

Life works in mysterious ways sometimes (I would say ironic, but quite honestly, I’m not confident that is the appropriate usage, and I don’t want to be judged like Alanis Morissette). At the end of September, I finished up the Facebook 25-day pushup challenge for mental health awareness. I honestly…

Seahawks and Sounders played big games and made big moves

Teams Playing for Real



· Won 27–26 vs. Minnesota Vikings

· 5–0 1st place in NFC West by one game over LA Rams

It was a tale of two halves.

The Seahawks were manhandled at the line of scrimmage…

Mariners season might be over, but Sounders and Seahawks are rolling

Teams Playing for Real



· Won 31–23 @ Miami Dolphins

· 4–0 1st place in NFC West

The worst performance of the season through four weeks, but you take an east coast road win any way you can…

Daniel Johnson

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